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Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat, or belly fat as it is sometimes referred to, is simply excess fat on the abdomen. It can be caused by lifestyle (e.g. overeating and drinking/lack of exercise), hormonal changes, or for women, post-baby or caesarean. It often shows as a pocket of stubborn fat that is difficult to loose by diet or lifestyle changes alone. It can also be caused by diabetes.

This is a common condition for both men and women as they age but for women from age 30 onwards, fatty deposits can create a pear or apple shape in the abdominal area. New mum’s may also get a ‘mummy tummy’ post-birth due to muscle tear, caesarean or weight gain.

Belly Fat can easily be treated using Coolsculpting a highly effective and non-invasive cooling procedure that freezes away the unwanted fat. FDA approved and used successfully in over 70 countries across the world, initial Coolsculpting results are usually visible from about 6 weeks after treatment, with full results showing at 12-16 weeks. This treatment is extremely safe and requires no downtime.   For even faster treatment times, we offer ‘Dualsculpting’ treatment which uses 2 Coolsculpting machines at the same time!