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Bingo Wings / Arm Fat

Bingo Wings are pockets of fat that hang from the underside of the upper arms. They are particularly noticeable when the arms are raised or shaken (hence the term ‘Bingo’ Wings). Often people don’t realise that this hanging flesh is in fact also skin, but notice that their clothing is tight or doesn’t fit in the arm area anymore. Arm fat is often most visible in the summer months when a T-shirt or vest is worn. This an extremely common condition in particular in women over 35, but can affect men as well.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, excess alcohol and other lifestyle choices are common causes of, or contributors to, this condition as well as hormonal changes and general ageing.

They can be removed or reduced using Coolsculpting, an innovative, FDA approved cooling treatment that freezes away the fat cells being targeted. This treatment is highly effective requiring no downtime and delivering initial results 6 weeks after treatment and full results in 12-16 weeks.