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Excessive Hair

Excessive hair can affect both men and women at any age and on almost any area of the body and face and in many cases can cause self-consciousness or embarrassment. Excessive Hair is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance or a medical condition, for example polycystic ovaries, but it can also be hereditary.

We use either electrolysis or Soprano Ice Platinum, a state-of-the-art laser treatment, to treat this condition. Electrolysis will usually be recommended for patients who have a small or isolated area of hair growth or where the hair being removed is very light or even white, for example on the face. Soprano Ice Platinum can be used to remove hair on all areas of the body and is one of the only laser treatments available that is suitable for all skin types as well as for year-round use, regardless of the patient’s exposure to the sun.

Both treatments use heat to destroy the follicle of the hairs that are being targeted. A course of treatment is required to ensure long lasting results.