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Fine Lines

Fine lines can appear anywhere on the face but are most frequently found around the eyes, mouth and chin, on the forehead and on the bridge of the nose. These are all areas where the skin is affected by repetitive action of the facial muscles.

Fine lines occur as a result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin as we get older, resulting in our skin losing its bounce and being unable to return to its original shape and position when we smile, laugh or frown. These lines are a natural part of the ageing process and in 9 out of 10 cases can be treated, but as they become deeper, more treatment may be required to treat them effectively. Early treatment also stops progression of the condition.

We are usually able to reverse this condition completely, using one or more of the following treatments: anti-wrinkle injections, dermapen, Profhilo and prescription skin care with personalised treatment recommendations made once the cause of the fine line(s) has been identified.