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Gaunt Cheeks

Some people are born with very little volume in their faces and therefore gaunt cheeks can affect them from an early age. For others, their cheeks can become hollow or sunken due to lifestyle choices such as dieting, heavy smoking or over-exercise, all of which can result a loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin’s surface.

Ageing is another key cause of this condition, as we all lose collagen in our skin as we age, which helps to keep our cheeks full, plump and supple.

For women in particular, any loss of roundness and soft suppleness in the cheek area can create an unpleasant harshness and a loss of femininity in the face. In more severe cases it can also make the sufferer look ill, so treatment advice is often sought.

Contrary to popular opinion, a gaunt or thin face is in fact easy to treat and for our expert practitioners, this is one of the most satisfying treatments we offer due to the outstanding results that we can regularly achieve.

Dermal fillers and Profhilo are our two most common treatment solutions, enabling us to create or restore volume and plumpness in the mid-face area and around the cheeks. Treatments may be staggered to allow for a gradual soft and natural looking transition to fuller cheeks.