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Knee Fat

Knee Fat is typically characterised by one or more bulges of fat showing above the knee. These bulges will often affect the overall appearance of the legs, making them look less slender, elegant and well proportioned than they used to be.

Knee fat can be caused by hormonal changes, lifestyle (in particular a lack of exercise) and general ageing. It usually affects us from our 40’s, and is often very difficult to lose through exercise.

Our recommended treatment for knee fat is Coolsculpting, a highly effective, FDA approved fat freezing procedure that freezes away the unwanted fat cells in the targeted area while at the same time helping to sculpt the area being treated. For optimum results, we often recommend using Coolsculpting in conjunction with a skin tightening treatment, for example Profhilo (link), to tighten surrounding skin and help restore the knee area to its original, slimmer condition.   Results will usually be visible from 12-16 weeks following treatment.