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Milia are very small, raised white cysts that appear as spots on or around the eyes, eyelids and cheeks. Sometimes referred to as milk spots because of their milky or pearly white colour, they usually affect those with lighter skin and appear in clusters, often being mistaken for whiteheads.

Milia can affect anyone at any life stage. It is caused by a build up of keratin, the structural protein that makes up most of our hair, our nails and the cells in the outermost layers of skin, and may often occur following trauma to the skin, when dead skin cells get trapped underneath the skin’s surface.

These cysts or spots are very stubborn, sitting deep in the dermis of the skin.

Whilst they are harmless and may clear up of their own accord, treatment is often required to remove them.   Treatment options include shortwave diathermy, skincare products, and facial peels and will be recommended based on your individual condition and the location of the milia. Results are immediate with virtually no down time required