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Future-proof your skin with OBAGI

Our high streets are flooded with skincare products with new brands, serums, creams and gels appearing all the time. While many promise much, in reality they can only provide our skin with a fraction of the ingredients that most of us need, especially as we get older and the effects of ageing take their toll.

Skincare products that are sold on the UK high street are only legally allowed to have very limited active ingredients. This is fine when we are young and our skin is still fresh, smooth and full of life. However, as we age our skin needs more active ingredients and, because everyone’s skin is unique, skincare regimes need to be expertly tailored to each individual’s skin type and condition. No single skin cream will or can be suitable for everyone and of course, we need guidance on precisely what it is that our skin needs for re-generation and future-proofing.

Obagi Medical is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of skincare, offering medical prescription products that time and again deliver outstanding results. Their products go through the same rigorous screening and clinical development as a licensed drug, in part to ensure that they consistently deliver measurable results for each and every patient that they are given to. We’ve worked with Obagi for over 10 years and have an unparalleled understanding of how their products work and what they can achieve for patients, when tailored to their individual needs.

So, if you are finding that your high street cream or daily regime is not delivering, come and talk to us about how Obagi, coupled with our expertise, can help future-proof your skin for years to come.



12th March 2019

Getting under the skin of profhilo

Profhilo. You may have already heard the name, because it’s causing quite a stir in aesthetics and is regarded by many as the beauty treatment of the moment. Praised by celebrities, VIP’s and beauty editors alike, it has been described as an ‘injectable moisturiser’ and as a ‘replacement for Botox’ and is generating rave reviews in the press and media.

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12th March 2019

Super cool for coolsculpting

CoolSculpting, the world renown fat freezing treatment, has long been one of our leading treatments and with many patients recommending friends or family to the Glasshouse for CoolSculpting, we always knew our machines were busy. But we didn’t realise quite how busy until our friends at CoolSculpting told us that last year, we delivered more treatment units (over 10,000!) from one CoolSculpting machine than any other clinic in Europe! Not bad for a boutique London clinic and a record of which we very proud.

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