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Blue Light

Blue light is one of a range of treatment options we offer for acne, an inflammatory condition that is often difficult to treat and settle.

Blue light is particularly effective for those sufferers wanting quick results or who have limited time for treatment. It uses blue wavelength pulsed light to kill the bacteria (Propionibacterium) that sit on or under the skin and causes the acne, while at the same time reducing the function of the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum, an oily substance that can block hair follicles and cause in blackheads and spots to form.

Blue light’s ability to kill off bacteria at different depths within the skin, means that it can produce excellent results in a short time, particularly when the acne is fairly mild.

Depending on your individual condition we may recommend blue light in combination with another treatment. Our expertise in tailoring a wide range of acne treatments to your individual skin condition means that we can almost always provide an effective treatment solution to address your skins specific need.

treatment cost

from £100

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Treatment objective

To reduce or control acne while minimising troublesome bacteria that can live on the skin

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Time required for treatment

5 x 30 minute treatments are given at 72-hour intervals

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How long until treatment results are visible?

A significant reduction in acne is usually seen after the 3rd treatment.

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How long will the results last for?

Results can be permanent with ongoing skin care. This may depend on the severity of the acne being treated.

treatment cost

from £100

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue light is suitable for almost all patients. It not however suitable if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

This treatment has an excellent safety record and is appropriate for all areas of the body.

Most patients experience no pain or discomfort during their treatment.

Occasionally patients may experience some mild swelling or redness. This will settle quickly.

Usually no downtime is required with this treatment.