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Back Fat (Bra Fat/Back Rolls)

Back fat is usually found on the mid to lower part of the back, showing as pockets, creases or bulges of excess fat. Whilst more common in older women, it can affect either sex at any age and is one of the hardest types of fat to loose through diet and exercise.

There are a wide range of common causes for back fat including age, lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetics, as well as other medical conditions, where the fat sits in the curve created and is very difficult to remove. As with male breasts, many clients are not aware that this condition can be treated very effectively and are surprised when they find out that it can be!

We use Coolscupting to remove back fat. This innovative non-invasive procedure works by delivering controlled cooling to the targeted fat cells, which are frozen and are then eliminated, with the body disposing of them naturally over time. Coolsculpting is extremely safe and FDA approved to treat back fat as well as many other related conditions. Initial results can be seen in 6 weeks with full results at 12-16 weeks.