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Spider / Thread Veins (Body)

This is a very common and harmless condition characterised by red or purple veins showing on the face, nose, décolletage, legs or back and occasionally on the stomach following pregnancy.  Spider or thread veins usually appear in clusters giving the appearance of a spider’s web, hence their name. They are closer to the skins surface and more prominent than normal veins.

This condition is most commonly caused by stress or trauma to the skin, exposure to the sun or wind or as a result of other skin conditions e.g. rosacea. Spider veins can affect anyone at any age.

Depending on your individual condition we will treat spider veins using either Harmony IPL or Shortwave Diathermy treatments, which use heat and energy delivered beneath the skins surface to close up and destroy the veins. Results will be visible from 1 week following treatment. This may vary according to the skin condition being treated.