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Lip Lines

Lip lines, often referred to as lipstick lines, vertical lines or smoker’s lines, are small vertical lines that may appear on the top and bottom lip.

They are caused by a change in the structure of the lips due to everyday activity such as talking. When we talk or move our lips they contract and over time lines are formed. Loss of volume in the lips and thinning skin, which both occur as we age, are other main causes of this condition. Smokers can be particularly prone to lip lines due to the repetitive action of inhaling on a cigarette.

Lip lines can develop at any time of life but are more prominent in those with slimmer lips and can sometimes make people look mean or even slightly annoyed. They are however easily treatable and treatment will often prevent them from re-occurring in the future.

We will usually recommend dermal fillers to treat lip lines, adding volume to the indentations and restore them to the condition they were in before they first appeared. We may also recommend Botox injections to help relax the muscles causing the lines or a combination of both treatments. This will be discussed with you at your patient consultation.