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Facial Volume Loss

While some people will naturally have more facial volume than others, facial volume loss is a normal part of the ageing process and will affect all of us to differing degrees as we get older.

From our early 20’s onwards our face goes through a series of subtle and gradual changes. Collagen and elastin, which give our skin its structure, firmness and elasticity, reduce and skin laxity starts to diminish, resulting in a loss of volume in the face.   Lines, in particular from the nose to the mouth, folds and creases start to appear and the jawline becomes slacker as our face loses its youthful, fresh appearance and starts to look more worn and tired with age.

The sooner it can be addressed the better, as treatment not only corrects the symptoms that are showing but also helps to slow down the ageing process that is naturally taking place. Treatment recommendations will be based on your individual concerns and our underlying objective will be to help restore your facial volume to its original condition. Dermal fillers may be recommended to re-create volume in the areas affected and Profhilo to restore laxity and tighten the skin.