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Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can affect anyone, at any age. This is often a hereditary condition and is usually most pronounced on those with darker skin colouration.

There are a variety of causes for dark circles appearing. As we age, our skin loses its volume and becomes thinner, so the blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface become more visible creating dark patches. Pigmentation, often due to over exposure to the sun, is another common cause as is fatigue, in particular lack of sleep, which can make the skin under the eyes pale, allowing blood vessels and dark tissue to show through. This condition is often accompanied by puffiness around the eyes.

Dark circles can are difficult to get rid of and often make you look older than you are, so many people with this condition seek treatment advice. Dermal fillers will usually be recommended where volume loss the main cause and deliver instant results. Harmony IPL or skincare products will be recommended for dark circles caused by pigmentation or discolouration, with results showing from 4 weeks after treatment.