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Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is a condition that affects us all. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, its volume and its ability to effectively hold facial tissue. Unfortunately, gravity start to take its toll and our skin starts to sag. This is a natural occurrence that happens to everyone, usually starting in our early 20’s but becoming most noticeable from the mid-to-late 30’s onwards.

Sagging skin can be hereditary and can also be exaggerated and accelerated by weight loss, illness and age. It is most commonly found on the face, neck arms and knees, areas that have been exposed to UV rays and other environmental factors. The earlier we can treat sagging skin, the better the results we are able to achieve, as treatment not only slows the process down but also helps prevent it from happening in other areas.

Recommended treatment options will depend on how advanced your condition is and will be advised at your consultation. Options include dermal fillers to replenish and restore lost volume as well as Harmony IPL, iPixel, Profhilo and radiofrequency to firm and tighten the skin and help stimulate natural collagen and elastin production.