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Double Chin

A double chin is caused by an increased amount of submental fat, which forms as layers beneath the chin. This condition may be hereditary or can often be due to having a weaker or smaller jawline, making fat and skin show much more prominently under the chin itself. Age is an important factor for this condition, as our skin looses its firmness and laxity and starts to sag as we get older. Weight gain and other lifestyle factors are causes too.

This is a very common condition that can make people very unhappy about their appearance and affect their self-confidence. While we cannot always eradicate a double chin completely, we can reduce it dramatically.

Our recommended treatments for this condition are Coolsculpting to freeze away unwanted fat under the chin and dermal fillers to contour and elongate the jawline. Individual treatment recommendations will be made for each patient based on their specific condition and desired treatment outcome.