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Unwanted Facial Hair

There are two types of hair that can grow on our faces. Vellus hair is the very soft and downy hair that is usually barely noticeable and plays an important role by protecting our skin from bacteria. This hair is not problematic will seldom need to be treated.

Primary hair grows due to hormonal changes in the body. This hair is very common around the lip and the chin, especially as we age, appearing in areas where hair has not previously grown. This type of hair can cause self-consciousness or embarrassment, so many people choose to have it treated as unwanted facial hair.

We use either electrolysis or Soprano Ice Platinum to treat this condition. Electrolysis will be used for white or blonde coloured hair and Soprano will be used to treat darker coloured hair. Both treatments use heat to destroy the follicle of the hairs that are being targeted. A course of treatments may be required as hair growth can return if your body continues to produce the hormones that are causing this condition. Treatment options for unwanted facial hair will be discussed with you at your patient consultation.