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Drooping Mouth / Marionette Lines

A drooping mouth, or marionette lines as they are often referred to, occurs due to changes in volume in the mid-face area and is often a sign of advanced volume loss and the face starting to lose it’s fight with gravity. This is due to the structure of the face losing collagen and elastin as we age and to a lesser degree, a reduction in skin laxity.

Whilst this condition is a natural part of the ageing process, overexposure to UV rays or extreme cold, smoking and genetics can also accelerate its onset. One of the biggest problems for sufferers is that a dropping mouth can make the jawline look slack and make the sufferer look as if they are permanently unhappy or miserable. Therefore many people with this condition seek treatment advice.

The most effective treatment for a dropping mouth is dermal fillers, which give volume and lift to the area being treated and help to restore the face to its original condition.