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Bra Fat

Bra Fat is the unwanted pockets of fat that bulge out from the side of a bra, dress strap or swimsuit, usually showing on back, breast or underarm area. This is a very common condition in women aged over 30 and can be caused by lifestyle, lack of exercise, genetics, hormonal changes and general ageing. Like most unwanted bulges of fat on the body, bra fat is not easy to loose through exercise or dietary changes.

To treat bra fat we use the Coolsculpting mini-applicator, which is designed for treating small areas of fat and freezes away the unwanted fat cells that are then disposed of naturally by your body. Coolsculpting also helps to contour and shape the area being treated. This FDA approved treatment produces excellent, consistent and long-lasting results, which are visible in about 6 weeks with full results seen at 12-16 weeks. No downtime is required for this treatment.