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Love Handles

Also known as ‘flanks’ or ‘muffin top’, love handles are the bulges or pockets of fat that can start to appear on or around the waist, hips, sides and back as we age. Causes may be lifestyle related e.g. lack of exercise, poor diet, excess alcohol consumption etc. or may be genetic or hormonal. This condition can affect both men and women of almost any age. Love handles often become more noticeable when tight clothing is worn and are difficult to get rid of through exercise alone. Many people therefore come to us for treatment advice.

We recommend Coolsculpting to treat love handles, which is FDA approved for this condition. Coolsculpting works by freezing off the unwanted areas of fat and can be used anywhere on the abdomen and mid-section of the body.

This non-invasive treatment delivers excellent results that become visible approximately 6 weeks following treatment, with full results at 12-16 weeks and with no downtime required.