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Dry Skin

Dry skin is likely to affect most of us at some stage in our lives, especially as we get older. There are a number of reasons why dry skin may develop. It can be caused by certain medical conditions, for example psoriasis or eczema, or by loss of moisture in the skin when the skin’s barrier becomes compromised. Dry skin may also occur due to over-moisturising of the skin or it could simply be caused by dead skin cells trying to release themselves from the skin’s surface. Whatever its cause, this condition can become problematic, sensitive and in some cases unsightly, so early treatment is therefore recommended.

Our treatment philosophy for dry skin is to encourage and stimulate the skin to re-hydrate itself as it did in its youth, helping to return it to its original condition – rather than to simply re-moisturise the affected area. This restores balance to the skins structure and helps to achieve longer-lasting natural results. Treatment options therefore include mesotherapy, Profhilo and Hydrafacial as well as facial peels and prescription skincare.